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House Cleaning Middleton Wisconsin

House Cleaning in Middleton Wisconsin is much like cleaning in other parts of the Madison WI area. We have many great house cleaning clients located in the Middleton WI area also.

Most of our Middleton Wisconsin house cleaning clients will be familiar with the following local places but Middleton Wisconsin is such a great place to live that we decided to post this information for the benefit of anyone new to, or moving to the area. Click Visit Middleton Wisconsin for more information about Middleton WI.

Middleton Wisconsin

Middleton Wisconsin offers several advantages over other parts of Dane County. Middleton WI is located on the West edge of Madison WI. Middleton zip code is 53562. Middleton offers a small town feel with all the big city advantages (like the best house cleaning service in the area!) right next door. Middleton and the Madison area offer some of the most beautiful scenery with some of the largest lakes in Wisconsin on the doorstep. With two farmer's markets, two museums, the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Capital Brewery, 80 restaurants and being home to the Mustard Museum, there is always something to do when visiting Middleton Wisconsin.

Middleton House Cleaner

I am grateful to be a Middleton House Cleaner! Many of our best clients live in Middleton Wisconson.

Middleton Wisconsin Population

The population of Middleton WI in 2013 was 18,146 people with roughly 8040 households and a average income of $60,000 per year. That gives a house cleaning service plenty of clients to work with!

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Why Is Middleton Wisconsin a Great Place To Live?

We have given you a few reasons as to why Middleton Wisconsin is a great place to live so why don't you give us your reasons why Middleton is the best place to live by completing our contact form and we will post your responses below!

Middleton Wisconsin Neighborhoods

1000 Oaks


Arbor Hills

Autumn Ridge


Birchwood Point

Bishops Bay


Brownridge Terrace

Cedar Ridge

Chalet Meadows

Enchanted Valley

Fox Bluff

Fox Ridge

Glen Oak Hills

Hickory Woods

Hidden Oaks

High Point Heights


Highland Terrace



Larwood Hills


Middleton Hills

Middleton Springs

North Lake


Orchard Hieghts

Parkside Heights

Pheasant Branch Ridge

Sak's Woods

Sauk Creek

Sauk Heights

Scenic Ridge


Shadow Ridge



The Willows

Woodside Heights



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