House cleaning in the Madison, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg Wisconsin

House Cleaning Services

Here is a list house cleaning services performed per visit

Dusting / wipe down of everything in reach
Polishing wood items
Vacuuming carpets, stairways and rugs
Sweeping & Moping of vinyl and wood floors
Cleaning Tubs, sinks, showers, floors and counters in bathrooms
Clean the outside of appliances
Counters & sinks
Clean inside of microwave
Empty garbage and replace liners
Vacuuming / removal of spider webs and the spiders!
Clean windows inside the house as needed
Clean inside and outsides of patio and storm doors
Dust ceiling fans
Clean all mirrors

Misc Cleaning Tasks
(Performed as needed)

Clean Light Switches
Vacuum / clean window screens and sills
Clean Door handles
Dust door frames & trim
Dust mop boards
Clean stair railings
Wipe down / clean the outside of kitchen / bathroom cabinets
Anything else discovered that could use some cleaning!

* The insides of refrigerators and ovens are not included within our basic house cleaning services. These appliances require a large amount of time and effort and typically never return to 100 percent, "like new" condition. We do clean these when requested to do so but with an additional charge and no guarantee of how clean they will get.


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